Things To Do In London When You’re Dead
October 31, 2007, 1:39 pm
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As you may have guessed from a quick look at any of our flyers we’re big fight fans at Hot Sauce, from boxing to wrestling we appreciate all the sweet sciences, though I have to admit above all others Lucha Libre holds a special place in my heart. From the pantomime ultraviolence to the clear cut lines between good and evil and the glorious masks and costumes everything about this sport of champions sings to my soul.

Having spectacularly failed to see any matches earlier this year when we were actually out in Mexico it was a pleasant surprise to find it all going off on our doorstep at the Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club. And what Lucha Britannia may have been missing in the way of gorgeous sunshine and dirt cheap tamales it certainly made up for it by not being a cramped 10 hour flight away. This was fierce, funny and in your face with holds and throws that had you wincing with sympathy for the poor sod whose turn it was to get smacked down.

And the wrestling was just the half of it, throw in burlesque performances, some alternative stand up, a healthy amount of greaseball rock n’ roll and you had one of the best nights that personally I’ve ever been to. Anyway several bone shattering nights in Bethnal Green they’re stepping things up a gear this Friday with a Day of the Dead Spectacular down at SeOne. Unless you have something ridiculously important to attand, like your funeral for instance (and even then being the Day Of The Dead that’s no excuse), cancel everything get yourself a mask and come down you will not regret it.

Oh and if you’re a gambling man, save your money for the Irish wrestler, christ I don’t know what was in his potatoes but it’s like they shaved a bear and stuck it in spandex, terrifying.

Lucha Britannia Day of The Dead Spectacular
Friday 2nd November – 9pm till late
SeOne, London Bridge.
Check the website for full details.

All photos © Manolo – you can see more of his amazing Lucha Britannia photograph’s here