Plugs Plugs Plugs
November 30, 2007, 6:02 pm
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One of this year’s best new labels, People In The Sky, are on a roll right now what with Friendly Fires almost certain to be one of next year’s biggest indie/dance crossover acts and the likes of Wax Stag keeping it ferociously fresh. They’re finishing the year on a high too with the signing of Plugs, one of the many projects out there involving Morgan Quaintance from the shitly named but annoyingly fun Does It Offend You, Yeah?

The EP is out in February but we’ve got an advance taste of it for you now. The lead track That Number is a surprisingly downtempo slice of nicely shambolic disco punk with a nice squelchy acid line running through it and reinforces my belief that 2008 is going to be all about the sub 120 bpms. Yuksek pops up for a mix that takes you into what should be familiar French territory by now and the whole things is finished off with the pleasantly awkaward sounding Transatlantic Air Miles.

Now seriously a gold star to whoever could have predicted so many killer records would have come out of St. Albans this year…


Plugs – That Number
Plugs – That Number (Yuksek Remix)
Plugs – Transatlantic Air Miles


Do The Dog
October 25, 2007, 11:24 am
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There are few things in life that give me greater pleasure than kicking back and slipping some Queen onto the soundsystem, indisputably the greatest band that ever existed you know when you’re in good company when you meet a fellow fan.

This point was rammed home when I got hold of Minneapolis resident Jonathan Ackerman‘s Double Doggin’ mix, 60 minutes of sublime disco (not disco), penthouse soul and new wave joints with the absolute dancefloor bomb It’s A Kind of Magic right in the middle. It’s a brilliant mix and has soundtracked the last few days morning commute, almost making the journey to work bearable.

Download: Jonathan Ackerman – Double Doggin’

If you like things more upfront and in your face you’re in luck too, as Jonathan is also one half of The Moon Goon‘s who have opened for the likes of Justice on their US jaunts and he sent over another mix Everything is Coming Up Milhouse that’s packed full of proper club bangers, mixing up electro, bmore and baile funk tunes. As he says himself these should make you feel like a hot dog in a bun.

Download: Jonathan Ackerman – Everything is Coming Up Milhouse

You can also check his Myspace page for news of gigs and shit and it looks like The Moon Goons are throwing a secret Halloween party this Saturday, not much use for those of us living in South East London I guess but if you’re near the Mill City I’d check it out.

Fix Up, Look Dark
October 22, 2007, 2:41 pm
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My Norwegian connection Spykidelic sent me a link last week to a recording of himself and Are Mokkelbost DJ’ing at their Deathstep and Acid Grime night and it’s pretty stern stuff, a bloody fisted mix of dubstep, grime, doomcore and black metal not for the faint hearted.

It might not be to everyone’s taste but come on how can any mix that goes from Dead Raven Choir into Skream be wrong and judging by that recent Venetian Snares Sabbath Dubs EP it’s a sound we’re gonna hear a lot more of.

Download and get the tracklisting from here

Stone To The Bone
October 11, 2007, 3:43 pm
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Process Records, the label that seems to have emerged from the ashes of Output (see previous post Output Input) have just sent over the new EP, In Stone, from DK7 (Jesper Dahlback and Mark O ‘ Sullivan), who you may remember them from their 2003 club banger The Difference that got lots of people with short memories excited because of it’s snaking 303 acid bleeps and squeaks.

Anyway the new EP… I’m a little undecided to be honest, the original kicks off with a four four and some nicey droney vocal ahhhhhhhhhhs and to be honest 5 minutes of that would have been nice enough for me, unfortunately they had to throw in a vocal that sounds like Chris De Burgh’s seasonal classic A Spaceman Came Travelling and some dodgy pop goth powerchords, which left me gagging.

There’s plenty of mixes on offer though, Get Shakes mix dirty things up a touch (though not enough for my liking, I’d like to have heard them get proper filthy with the track) and the Chymera mix has a nice stuttering drum pattern that should be a bugger to mix when you’re pissed. But it’s the remix DK7 turn in themselves is probably my pick of the bunch, thrusting the acidic bassline to the front and layering it with shimmering echo’ed effects and breathy pads, I could happily close my eyes and spin out to this on a dark dancefloor at 5 in the morning.


DK7 – In Stone
DK7 – In Stone (Get Shakes Remix)
DK7 – In Stone (Chymera Remix)
DK7 – In Stone (Llorca Remix)
DK7 – In Stone (DK7 Remix)

This Fire is out of Control…
October 9, 2007, 11:07 am
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We’re big fans of Friendly Fires here at Hot Sauce dating back to when I was rolling with the Bomb Surprise crew and we put them on at 43. Even at that early stage of their career and despite the fact they were being hampered by a painfully amateur sound engineer (me) they showed more than enough promise for me to be able to tip them for bigger things.

Since then I’ve managed to see them a few more times and with every show they’ve come on leaps and bounds till finally towards the end of this Summer we saw them play on the last night at Bestival backed up with a decent soundsystem and lightshow and it really felt like they were living up to their potential, they had the songs and the confidence to deliver them well and as I’ve said before, in Ed MacFarlane they have a genuinely charismatic frontman (actually I think I called him a potential New Rave Jagger, which is slightly cringeworthy). In fact it’s one of my few regrets in taking a break from promoting that I didnt get a chance to put them on again.

Anyway next week their label (the excellent People In The Sky) are releasing a remix EP which should keep the proverbial iron nice and toasty. To whet your appetite they’ve sent over a couple of the remixes including an absolute ear shredder from fellow St. Albans lad Chris Clark and a brilliant mutant disco rework from DFA signings Mock & Toof, expect to hear these get a good rinsing whenever anyone lets me near a DJ booth in the next few weeks.


Friendly Fires ‘On Board’ (Nightmoves Mix)
Friendly Fires ‘Photobooth’ (Mock & Toof Mix)
Friendly Fires ‘Bring Out Your Dead (Clark Mix)

The label seems to be on a roll at the moment as they also sent over a track by Wax Stag. Now this really goes to show how distracted I’ve been recently as Wax Stag was a completely new name to me despite the track Short Road featuring on the recent Hot Chip DJ Kicks mix.

Anyway thank god I didn’t miss out on this as it’s an absolutely sublime slice of sparkling digital pop. It would seem others agree as the label are doing the correct thing and giving the track a proper release at the end of this month (Oct 22nd), they’ve even got Owls (one half of whom I only just realised is the embarrassingly talented Hugh ‘Sportsday Megaphone‘ Frost) to put together a gorgeous animated video that captures the playfull and slightly magical mood of the track perfectly.

Check out the video, download the track and buy the record when it’s out.


Wax Stag – ‘Short Road’

Wax Stag – Short Road – Directed by Owls

Armageddon Now!
October 5, 2007, 11:45 am
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Los Angeles based Flying Lotus has a new EP ‘Reset’ out now on Warp Records and should be right up there at the top of your shopping lists. 6 tracks of bass heavy mutant hip-hop and sci-fi soul that deserves to be pounded out through a proper soundsystem, a must for lovers of Dabrye, Prefuse 73 (whose new EP also on Warp is an absolute killer) and the likes of Danny Breaks.

Because they can, Warp have also commisioned this rather natty Asteroids game that features unreleased bleeps and beats from Flying Lotus and should kill a few minutes if you’re stuck in the office.

And as an extra treat we’ve also been alerted to these various Flying Lotus remixes and fixes that are well worth a download.


Flying Lotus – $tunt$ (Remix of Mr Oizo)
Dabrye (feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat) – Game Over (Flying Lotus Moody Mix)
Madvillain – Shadows Of Tomorrow (Flying Lotus Remix)
Flying Lotus feat. Kelis – Bitch You Love To Hate

Buy the new Flying Loutus EP now on CD/Vinyl or MP3 from

Baltimore… We Have A Problem
October 3, 2007, 9:56 am
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Unless you’ve been living under a stone the past couple of years the chances are you will have had your ears assaulted by the Baltimore Club sound, the bastard son of house, miami bass and hip-hop. Since evolving in the clubs of Maryland back in the early nineties it’s spread out as artists across the US and around the world have incorporated elements of it in their music, though with it’s distinctive 808 kickdrum pattern, reliance on the Think and Sing, Sing breaks and smash and grab approach to sampling it tends to divide opinion more than Marmite.

Personally I love it, it’s fun to hear in the clubs and it’s even more fun to play but I can see how the haters might get themselves worked up, at it’s worst (and to be honest sometimes at it’s best) it sounds like most the tunes were knocked up in the space of a spare hour or two. So we had to ask ourselves could a decent bmore style track be made in 60 minutes, we threw out the challenge and below are the results.

What made this particularly interesting is that a large proportion of the entries were from people who hadn’t actually heard any bmore before and were basically working from a vague description of the sound. Most played it for laughs and seemed to base their productions on the Hollertronix school, some are frankly shocking, but there’s a couple of belters here that could kick some ass on the dancefloor.

Download: Bmore competition entries

Quite a large Zip file (80MB) which contains:

1. 7ape – Sexual Shooting
2. Chubby Cox – Marcia Bmore
3. DJ Wrongtom – Mourning B-More
4. DJ Tuco – Hide Again
5. Hint – Windryder
6. Huskiii – Be My Bmore Baby
7. Jelly Cool Man – Clocked
8. Jelly Cool Man – Can you Bmore It
9. John Totti – 4 Bmore of 4 Wirze
10. Jose Be – Stand & Delivermore
11. Peloton – True Bmore
12. Spectre AC130 – Talk 2 Ya Danc’n Shoes
13. Stas Werno – Junior Bmiore
14. Stas Werno – You Know They Dont Give a Fuck About
15. The Crane – Nice Women

If you havent chewed your ears off after listening to that lot and want to hear it done properly I’d heartily reccomend checking out the likes of DJ Blaqstarr, Tittsworth, Ayres, Scottie B, DJ Technics, Low Budget and Diplo.

Next week 60 minutes to make a Scouse House track…