Zongo Song
December 21, 2007, 10:54 am
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Midnight Mike has alerted us to the existence of a new track and video from disco-punk auteur Zongamin. Due for release next year on XL it sounds oddly kind of like the sort of track you reckon the Chemical Brothers would actually like to do if they didn’t have to worry about keeping mini Allen’s in pampers.

Anyway moving on, this Saturday is of course the Warp Records Christmas Party at The Great Eastern Hotel but should you be stuck down south London for the night, you can catch me playing 10 till 4 at the Dogstar in Brixton, it’ll be quite an easy going set, lots of fun, easy to drink and dance to hip-hop, electro and fidgety house. If you’re in the area come say hello.

After that it’s a little break for Christmas and then I’m playing at Cargo on the 28th with people like DJ MK, Mr Thing, Digitonal and many others, just in time to work off a few mince pies on the dancefloor.

And finally Nikhal from the rather good Man Make Music crew sent over this fine mix of bumping tracks to keep you going over the festive period, well worth a download.

Download: DJ Sketchy – Punctuality Problems


Do The Dog
October 25, 2007, 11:24 am
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There are few things in life that give me greater pleasure than kicking back and slipping some Queen onto the soundsystem, indisputably the greatest band that ever existed you know when you’re in good company when you meet a fellow fan.

This point was rammed home when I got hold of Minneapolis resident Jonathan Ackerman‘s Double Doggin’ mix, 60 minutes of sublime disco (not disco), penthouse soul and new wave joints with the absolute dancefloor bomb It’s A Kind of Magic right in the middle. It’s a brilliant mix and has soundtracked the last few days morning commute, almost making the journey to work bearable.

Download: Jonathan Ackerman – Double Doggin’

If you like things more upfront and in your face you’re in luck too, as Jonathan is also one half of The Moon Goon‘s who have opened for the likes of Justice on their US jaunts and he sent over another mix Everything is Coming Up Milhouse that’s packed full of proper club bangers, mixing up electro, bmore and baile funk tunes. As he says himself these should make you feel like a hot dog in a bun.

Download: Jonathan Ackerman – Everything is Coming Up Milhouse

You can also check his Myspace page for news of gigs and shit and it looks like The Moon Goons are throwing a secret Halloween party this Saturday, not much use for those of us living in South East London I guess but if you’re near the Mill City I’d check it out.

Fix Up, Look Dark
October 22, 2007, 2:41 pm
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My Norwegian connection Spykidelic sent me a link last week to a recording of himself and Are Mokkelbost DJ’ing at their Deathstep and Acid Grime night and it’s pretty stern stuff, a bloody fisted mix of dubstep, grime, doomcore and black metal not for the faint hearted.

It might not be to everyone’s taste but come on how can any mix that goes from Dead Raven Choir into Skream be wrong and judging by that recent Venetian Snares Sabbath Dubs EP it’s a sound we’re gonna hear a lot more of.

Download and get the tracklisting from here

Mixed Up In The Vague
August 28, 2007, 12:10 am
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So the bank holiday weekend is pretty much over and I could do with a couple of days off to recover, Be at Proud on Saturday was great fun, a lovely crowd who seemed happy to leap around despite it being so hot simply queuing at the bar left you drenched in sweat. Sadly the good vibes were brought swiftly to an end by the over enthusiastic cab driver shutting the boot door on my back as I was putting my records away. I laughed it off then but by the time I woke up I felt like I’d taken a sound beating from some hoodied yoofs.

So, hobbling around the flat instead of going out meant I had time to fix my PC and find a mix I’d done last month and forgotten about. No real theme to it, I think it was a grab a selection off the shelf and see what happened kind of thing, though looking at the tracklist I must have imposed a ban on any records with either the ‘tamborzão’ beat or the ‘Think’ break for a bit of a change.

Anyway, it bore a repeated listen so I thought I’d put it up, nothing fancy just a 2 deck mix done live in one take, but the tracks are all pretty decent. I really need to invest in some software for this kind of thing, save me lugging around all those bloody records and getting assaulted by cabbies for a start.

Download: DJ John Power – Hot Mix 2


  1. Yuksek – Little Dirty Trip [Vicarious Bliss mix] (Relish)
  2. Dave Gilmour Girls – Crimson as Murder [Punks Jump Up mix] (Relish)
  3. Hiltmeyer Inc – Pornhaus (Gomma)
  4. Kango’s Stein Massiv – Tobakk (Trailerpark)
  5. Liquid Liquid – Flextone [JD Twitch Optimo edit] (Rush Hour)
  6. Black Leotard Front – Casual Friday (DFA)
  7. Big Two Hundred – Approach and Pass With Contact [Psychonauts mix] (DC)
  8. Cut Copy – Future [Chromeo mix] (Kitsune)
  9. Elecktroids – Kilohertz (Warp)
  10. ???? – Forgotten what this is, sure it’s Francisc0 or Marco Passarani.
  11. Dance Connection – Disco Train [Morgan Geist mix] (Unclassics)
  12. The Beat Club – Security (Atlantic)

Hotmix pt 2
July 5, 2007, 2:57 pm
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Whilst drinking lots last week I also managed to find time to spin some records. In fact I ended up doing 3 sets at Cargo and they were all recorded.

Anyway, despite their many (many) faults I thought I’d post them up, starting for the sake of awkwardness with the 2nd set of the night. Don’t expect any clever mixes, fancy tricks or rare selections, staying upright was my main concern on the night, still for all that there’s nothing here that should really annoy you and might even provide some light relief on your daily commute.

Download: John Power – Hotmix pt 2


DJ Sany Pitbull – Kraftfunk
DJ Sandrinho – Berimbau
DJ Sany Pitbull – Funk Alemao
Crookers Feat MC Leka – Para De Gracinha (euro crunk mix)
Count Of Monte Christo – Beeper
Trevor Loveys – Organgrinder
New Young Pony Club – Icecream (Herve Mix)
Unklejam – Love Ya (Herve Mix)
Chromeo – Tenderoni (Sinden Remix)
Junior Boys – In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix)
CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen To Death From Above (Hot Chip Remix)
Hot Chip – My Piano (Dub)
Para One – Midnight Swin (Surkin Remix)
Digitalism – Jupiter Room (Erol Alkan’s Simple Yet Effective Mix)
Justice – Waters Of Nazareth (Erol Alkan’s Durrrr Durrr Durrrrrr Re-Edit)

I’ll post the others up later when I get a chance.

Amon Brother
April 23, 2007, 9:52 am
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Something that’s been doing damage to my eardrums this weekend is this uncompressed version of the mix Amon Tobin supplied earlier this year for Mary Anne-Hobbes Breezeblock show. No rip from the radio, this is direct from the source and sounds all the better for it. Continue reading

Release The Pressure – Part 2
April 23, 2007, 8:50 am
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The second Pressure Sound mix was assembled by Bobby Corridor and captured the spirit of the night perfectly. Kicking off with some hefty dancehall rhythms, the mix progresses through jungle, grime, electronica and hip-hop taking in all forms of heavyweight bass music. It’s a low end tour de force and one of my most listened to mixes over the years. Continue reading