Stone To The Bone
October 11, 2007, 3:43 pm
Filed under: Electro, MP3

Process Records, the label that seems to have emerged from the ashes of Output (see previous post Output Input) have just sent over the new EP, In Stone, from DK7 (Jesper Dahlback and Mark O ‘ Sullivan), who you may remember them from their 2003 club banger The Difference that got lots of people with short memories excited because of it’s snaking 303 acid bleeps and squeaks.

Anyway the new EP… I’m a little undecided to be honest, the original kicks off with a four four and some nicey droney vocal ahhhhhhhhhhs and to be honest 5 minutes of that would have been nice enough for me, unfortunately they had to throw in a vocal that sounds like Chris De Burgh’s seasonal classic A Spaceman Came Travelling and some dodgy pop goth powerchords, which left me gagging.

There’s plenty of mixes on offer though, Get Shakes mix dirty things up a touch (though not enough for my liking, I’d like to have heard them get proper filthy with the track) and the Chymera mix has a nice stuttering drum pattern that should be a bugger to mix when you’re pissed. But it’s the remix DK7 turn in themselves is probably my pick of the bunch, thrusting the acidic bassline to the front and layering it with shimmering echo’ed effects and breathy pads, I could happily close my eyes and spin out to this on a dark dancefloor at 5 in the morning.


DK7 – In Stone
DK7 – In Stone (Get Shakes Remix)
DK7 – In Stone (Chymera Remix)
DK7 – In Stone (Llorca Remix)
DK7 – In Stone (DK7 Remix)


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sorry but for this genre I think its class

Comment by don

fair enough, i can see your point, just not my bag

the DK7 mix is wicked though

thanks for the comment.

Comment by h0tsauce

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