This Fire is out of Control…
October 9, 2007, 11:07 am
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We’re big fans of Friendly Fires here at Hot Sauce dating back to when I was rolling with the Bomb Surprise crew and we put them on at 43. Even at that early stage of their career and despite the fact they were being hampered by a painfully amateur sound engineer (me) they showed more than enough promise for me to be able to tip them for bigger things.

Since then I’ve managed to see them a few more times and with every show they’ve come on leaps and bounds till finally towards the end of this Summer we saw them play on the last night at Bestival backed up with a decent soundsystem and lightshow and it really felt like they were living up to their potential, they had the songs and the confidence to deliver them well and as I’ve said before, in Ed MacFarlane they have a genuinely charismatic frontman (actually I think I called him a potential New Rave Jagger, which is slightly cringeworthy). In fact it’s one of my few regrets in taking a break from promoting that I didnt get a chance to put them on again.

Anyway next week their label (the excellent People In The Sky) are releasing a remix EP which should keep the proverbial iron nice and toasty. To whet your appetite they’ve sent over a couple of the remixes including an absolute ear shredder from fellow St. Albans lad Chris Clark and a brilliant mutant disco rework from DFA signings Mock & Toof, expect to hear these get a good rinsing whenever anyone lets me near a DJ booth in the next few weeks.


Friendly Fires ‘On Board’ (Nightmoves Mix)
Friendly Fires ‘Photobooth’ (Mock & Toof Mix)
Friendly Fires ‘Bring Out Your Dead (Clark Mix)

The label seems to be on a roll at the moment as they also sent over a track by Wax Stag. Now this really goes to show how distracted I’ve been recently as Wax Stag was a completely new name to me despite the track Short Road featuring on the recent Hot Chip DJ Kicks mix.

Anyway thank god I didn’t miss out on this as it’s an absolutely sublime slice of sparkling digital pop. It would seem others agree as the label are doing the correct thing and giving the track a proper release at the end of this month (Oct 22nd), they’ve even got Owls (one half of whom I only just realised is the embarrassingly talented Hugh ‘Sportsday Megaphone‘ Frost) to put together a gorgeous animated video that captures the playfull and slightly magical mood of the track perfectly.

Check out the video, download the track and buy the record when it’s out.


Wax Stag – ‘Short Road’

Wax Stag – Short Road – Directed by Owls


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[…] label People In The Sky (responsible for those excellent Friendly Fires remixes from late last year) have signed Wax Stag up for an album but before that drops Short Road is […]

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