Tune In, Turn On, Pay Nothing
October 1, 2007, 12:00 pm
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Slightly out of the normal Hot Sauce re-mit but I thought it was pretty interesting, po-faced indie stalwarts Radiohead have just released details of their seventh album In Rainbows. So far so meh, but what makes this worthy of note is the novel way that they’re releasing it.

Head over to the In Rainbows website and you can register for a deluxe box set, containing two 12″ vinyl records, 1 CD copy of the album and an extra CD of videos and extra bonus material, priced at £40. Or you can choose a download only version of the album which in an interesting take on the honesty box system you can choose to pay as much (or little) for as you like.

Predictably most people I’ve spoken to seem to be opting for the £0.00 option, but fair play to the band for trying out new distribution models, god knows nothing else seems to be working at the moment.

Though it would have been interesting if the band had stated how much they believed the download was worth and then after a few weeks leaked the average voluntary payment figure, just to see the discrepency between band and fan.

It does seem a shame though that those fans who’d like a hard copy cant buy a normal priced version and instead have to opt for the Analord style deluxe package (though to be honest it does look a bit nicer than the crappy faux-leather binder Rephlex dumped on us).


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So the download is ready and before it even gets a listen there’s an unpleasant surprise in store, all the MP3s are recorded at 160kps.

Now I’m no audiophile but still it strikes me as a massive own goal from Radiohead here. As has been said, fair enough if you’ve paid £0.01 for them but judging by some of the comments at a sizeable amount of people paid a lot more.

You’d at least expect 192kps and personally I’d have thought they have opted for the model and gone straight to 320kps or FLAC.

It’s a small details but they should have mentioned it beforehand. Still this gripe aside it appears to have been a successful experiment and one that I’m sure many of the world’s larger bands will begin to co-opt (Nine Inch Nails next i reckon), though I still think it’s a model that is really valid (for the moment) for these huge global bands who can take home a massive paycheck from tours.

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