A Sinister and Evil Cult
September 26, 2007, 12:53 pm
Filed under: acid, Video

Just got a heads up that tickets have just gone on sale for the next I Love Acid party (26th October, Corsica Studios), with the likes of Luke Vibert, Cylob, The Doubtful Guest, AGT Rave Cru and yours truly on the bill. Should be an absolute blast especially as I’ve vowed not to get so stupidly messed up this time, I’m even thinking of dragging some of my Roland’s down for the night for some live acid action.

Anyway in honour of this I’ve dug up some of my favourite acid house media scare pieces. All I can say is that as an impressionable child at the time nothing in the world looked more enticing than the dangerous, depraved smoke and lazer filled world of an acid house rave and these reports pretty much ensured that a year or two later I was sneaking off to random techno nights to dance all night long. Cheers newspeople!

This is part one (of eight) of the World In Action Acid House Report, pretty poor quality but is really just fucking incredible, makes me want to pop a tab and go throw some shapes to Stakker’s Humanoid. Check out the whole thing (especially part 7, how do i become an acid house correspondant?).

If anyone has a better quality version of it please get in touch.


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