September 25, 2007, 9:47 am
Filed under: DJ

Is it the last Hot Sauce night? After 5 and a half years of running nights I’m thinking of taking a break to concentrate on DJ’ing, writing (music and words) and generally having fun rather than standing outside railway arches till 6 in the morning stuffing flyers into bug eyed, jaw wobblers hands. Anyway assume it is that way you won’t be dissapointed.

End of an era or not it’s going to be a fun night, warming up we have Saint Harley and DJ SP, then it’s straight into the live action with sets from the excellent Shock Defeat! (think The Rapture but ten times better) and the synthtastic Cobra Dukes, before Tony and I put the night to bed with a buff hype selection of electro, bmore and big bad wobbly basslines.

Before all that though both Poland and myself will be guesting at The Dogstar at this Friday’s Beware Of The Blog, along with various other blogging sorts. It even made the Guardian Guide’s top 5, something that I’ve singularly failed to achieve with Furthur for the last half decade, where they went on to say ‘Carrying on this week’s “clubs with the word blog in their title” theme, this night promises obscure Krautrock and oddball sound collages. Oh, and for all you fans of 1980s Nigerian taxi music – it’s your lucky night!’. Sounds like fun.


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