Zipping Up My Boots
September 12, 2007, 12:59 pm
Filed under: Electronica, Video

I don’t often post about electronica these days (actually I rarely post full stop but that’s by the by), the thousands of pounds I’ve lost over the years putting on electronica nights tends to dampen my public enthusiasm for music I still love, but I figured I would make an exception here as Kone-R, label boss of Uncharted Audio has just sent us the video to a new John Callaghan track.

For those none the wiser, John released two records on the mighty Warp Records several years ago, which rank up there amongst my favourites on the label’s pretty fine catalogue. Totally skewed electronic pop music that lies somewhere in a ditch between the music hall and the dancehall staring at the stars. Using found sounds and snatches of vocals that are manipulated, shredded, abused and sampled he creates lushly textured, very weird music. Not that unusual for the genre admittedly but what made them stand out was his ability to wrap these textures around ball achingly beautiful lyrics and melodies (or alternatively make a gabba track from the squeaks and heaves of the Bagpuss Mice).

Anyway Mr Callaghan proved too much for even Warp to handle and he went off the radar for a while, every now and then popping up to perform his legendarily bizarre stage shows. Thankfully Uncharted Audio have had the good sense to bring him in from the cold and are set to release what I think will actually be his debut proper album later this year. Anyway here’s the video for You Get Me Down, low budget as the label themselves freely admit but then so is a first date with me and that invariably guarantees satisfaction.

Also head over to John’s proper website where there’s plenty of weird and wondeful tracks to download.


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