Sowing the seeds…
September 12, 2007, 9:40 am
Filed under: Psychedelia, Rock, Video

I’m currently working on a mix for the Allez Allez boys and have been digging a bit deeper into my collection to try and do something a bit different. Anyway one of the gems that I’m determined to shoe in is the excellent Can’t Seem To Make You Mine by 60’s psychedelic rockers The Seeds, which sharp eared observers should recognise as pretty much the whole of Diplo’s still mighty fine remix of Spank Rock‘s Put That Pussy On Me.

Anyway whilst trawling the net last night I found this tip-top clip of the band miming along to the song on American Bandstand and figured it was worth posting up if only to marvel at the way beyond strong look that keyboardist Daryl Hooper was rocking at the time. I mean check him out, Edwardian frock coat, white pantaloons with some badass pirate boots and all topped off with some kind of sprayed on Elvis meets Captain Hornblower barnet. That’s some serious heat right there.

Damn… just as I was about to post this up one last google search reveals that the ace Gorilla vs. Bear blog featured this very video last month and have put up both tracks as MP3s… If it wasn’t for those pesky kids…


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