A Sinister and Evil Cult
September 26, 2007, 12:53 pm
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Just got a heads up that tickets have just gone on sale for the next I Love Acid party (26th October, Corsica Studios), with the likes of Luke Vibert, Cylob, The Doubtful Guest, AGT Rave Cru and yours truly on the bill. Should be an absolute blast especially as I’ve vowed not to get so stupidly messed up this time, I’m even thinking of dragging some of my Roland’s down for the night for some live acid action.

Anyway in honour of this I’ve dug up some of my favourite acid house media scare pieces. All I can say is that as an impressionable child at the time nothing in the world looked more enticing than the dangerous, depraved smoke and lazer filled world of an acid house rave and these reports pretty much ensured that a year or two later I was sneaking off to random techno nights to dance all night long. Cheers newspeople!

This is part one (of eight) of the World In Action Acid House Report, pretty poor quality but is really just fucking incredible, makes me want to pop a tab and go throw some shapes to Stakker’s Humanoid. Check out the whole thing (especially part 7, how do i become an acid house correspondant?).

If anyone has a better quality version of it please get in touch.


Output, Input
September 25, 2007, 5:47 pm
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After closing its doors last year, Trevor Jackson’s much missed Output Recordings appears to be about to stage some kind of a comeback (though without it’s bouffant boss) with the imminent release of I Hate Music – A Compilation of Output Recordings 1996-2006 a hefty 2CD & DVD collection of the labels finest moments released via new imprint Process Recordings. Easily one of the best labels of the past ten years from Jackson’s iconic designs to the music itself, Output was nearly always a reliable bet and generally one step ahead of the pack, it’s fair to say I’ve missed hunting down those screenprinted promo twelves.

Anyway as an appetiser there’s going to be a 12″ released in November I Hate… Remixes with remixes of Colder‘s To The Music (by Optimo), Kreeps All I Wanna Do Is Break Some Hearts (by Sean P), Dempsey‘s ODB On The Run (by Tomas Almgren) and Lopazz‘s Blood (by Nutaike).

I think it goes without saying this is very good news.

To whet your appetite you can download the Optimo and Sean P remixes here:

Colder – To The Music (an optimo (espacio) mix)
Kreeps – All I Wanna Do Is Break Some Hearts (Sean P Edit)

September 25, 2007, 9:47 am
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Is it the last Hot Sauce night? After 5 and a half years of running nights I’m thinking of taking a break to concentrate on DJ’ing, writing (music and words) and generally having fun rather than standing outside railway arches till 6 in the morning stuffing flyers into bug eyed, jaw wobblers hands. Anyway assume it is that way you won’t be dissapointed.

End of an era or not it’s going to be a fun night, warming up we have Saint Harley and DJ SP, then it’s straight into the live action with sets from the excellent Shock Defeat! (think The Rapture but ten times better) and the synthtastic Cobra Dukes, before Tony and I put the night to bed with a buff hype selection of electro, bmore and big bad wobbly basslines.

Before all that though both Poland and myself will be guesting at The Dogstar at this Friday’s Beware Of The Blog, along with various other blogging sorts. It even made the Guardian Guide’s top 5, something that I’ve singularly failed to achieve with Furthur for the last half decade, where they went on to say ‘Carrying on this week’s “clubs with the word blog in their title” theme, this night promises obscure Krautrock and oddball sound collages. Oh, and for all you fans of 1980s Nigerian taxi music – it’s your lucky night!’. Sounds like fun.

Putting Shame in your Game
September 14, 2007, 11:04 am
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Damn! I guess having Q-bert as a dad helps but still these kids are hot sauce.

Question is can they drink 10 pints, do a spinback and then take the wrong record off the deck… I don’t think so!

Zipping Up My Boots
September 12, 2007, 12:59 pm
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I don’t often post about electronica these days (actually I rarely post full stop but that’s by the by), the thousands of pounds I’ve lost over the years putting on electronica nights tends to dampen my public enthusiasm for music I still love, but I figured I would make an exception here as Kone-R, label boss of Uncharted Audio has just sent us the video to a new John Callaghan track.

For those none the wiser, John released two records on the mighty Warp Records several years ago, which rank up there amongst my favourites on the label’s pretty fine catalogue. Totally skewed electronic pop music that lies somewhere in a ditch between the music hall and the dancehall staring at the stars. Using found sounds and snatches of vocals that are manipulated, shredded, abused and sampled he creates lushly textured, very weird music. Not that unusual for the genre admittedly but what made them stand out was his ability to wrap these textures around ball achingly beautiful lyrics and melodies (or alternatively make a gabba track from the squeaks and heaves of the Bagpuss Mice).

Anyway Mr Callaghan proved too much for even Warp to handle and he went off the radar for a while, every now and then popping up to perform his legendarily bizarre stage shows. Thankfully Uncharted Audio have had the good sense to bring him in from the cold and are set to release what I think will actually be his debut proper album later this year. Anyway here’s the video for You Get Me Down, low budget as the label themselves freely admit but then so is a first date with me and that invariably guarantees satisfaction.

Also head over to John’s proper website where there’s plenty of weird and wondeful tracks to download.

Sowing the seeds…
September 12, 2007, 9:40 am
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I’m currently working on a mix for the Allez Allez boys and have been digging a bit deeper into my collection to try and do something a bit different. Anyway one of the gems that I’m determined to shoe in is the excellent Can’t Seem To Make You Mine by 60’s psychedelic rockers The Seeds, which sharp eared observers should recognise as pretty much the whole of Diplo’s still mighty fine remix of Spank Rock‘s Put That Pussy On Me.

Anyway whilst trawling the net last night I found this tip-top clip of the band miming along to the song on American Bandstand and figured it was worth posting up if only to marvel at the way beyond strong look that keyboardist Daryl Hooper was rocking at the time. I mean check him out, Edwardian frock coat, white pantaloons with some badass pirate boots and all topped off with some kind of sprayed on Elvis meets Captain Hornblower barnet. That’s some serious heat right there.

Damn… just as I was about to post this up one last google search reveals that the ace Gorilla vs. Bear blog featured this very video last month and have put up both tracks as MP3s… If it wasn’t for those pesky kids…

I can feel it coming in the air tonight
September 10, 2007, 4:00 pm
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Kid Acne – Romance Ain’t Dead (Lex)

Whilst the country’s group mind engages in one of its periodic fits of the vapors and starts demanding the immediate locking up of every teenager in possession of a hip-hop album it’s worth remembering there’s a whole lot more to the genre than sexually repressed, oiled up thugs brandishing machine guns and hoodied, granny bashing yoof.

And as if to prove that point here come’s South Yorkshire’s one man answer to The Beastie Boys, Kid Acne, with his third album Romance Ain’t Dead. Having previously laboured in the leftfield undergrowth, Romance Ain’t Dead sees the self proclaimed “rap Johnnie Briggs” emerge into the limelight with one of the most inventive and self assured hip-hop albums to have come from this country in years.

Avoiding nearly every hip-hop cliché available, Romance Ain’t Dead instead heads into territory that whilst less glamorous is certainly a ‘realer’ reflection of life for most people young people in the UK. Guns and bling are noticeable by their absence, instead we get tales of crap relationships, Fray Bentos pies and minor acts of drunken mischief rather than gang warfare. Neither though is he just another Pitman-esque novelty act, yes you’ll probably find yourself laughing out loud on the bus to some of his tales of comic woe but behind the laughs is a sharp incisive mind and an eye for the underbelly of modern Britain.

Musically, the album raises itself to a new level, if his debut album Rap Traffic was occasionally let down by it’s more willfully perverse moments, and 2003’s Council Pop was a solid slice of UK hip-hop, this latest effort is a quantum leap in terms of production. With M.I.A producer Ross Orton behind the boards alongside long term collaborator Req One, he’s finally managed to combine all his different influences from old skool hip-hop to punk rock and even rave into a coherent whole.

In fact what is most refreshing is the lack of reverence afforded to hip-hop, despite being deeply immersed in it’s culture (as well as an MC, Kid Acne is an internationally renowned graffiti artist) he is well aware of the ludicrousness of grown men taking it all too seriously, ‘Be Boys, Be Men’ he exhorts on You’re Not Wrong a track in which he also takes sideswipes at scratch happy ‘wank DJs’ all the better for being delivered over the kind of pristine early eighties beat that would have the aforementioned men rushing for their lino.

Throughout the album it effortlessly skips between such old skool preserved in amber hip-hop moments to the glorious hooligan rush of 2, 3, Break It, or Oh No You Didn’ts football terrace Oi! stomp without ever losing its momentum. It even has the good sense not to outstay its welcome and like most of the genuinely good albums out there the whole thing would fit perfectly on one side of a c90 cassette, a welcome change from many of it’s bloated, concept heavy peers and an even more welcome addition to anyone’s music library.

Romance Ain’t Dead is released on Sept 17th

Kid Acne’s Myspace page
Lex Records

and our own Kid Acne Interview from earlier this year.

Kid Acne Free Track Click Here