Oi New York, This Is Standon
August 2, 2007, 9:54 am
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Basically what originally was going to be a couple of paragraphs about the weekend we’d just had turned in my sleep deprived state into an epic ramble that is probably of absolutely no interest to anyone, hell there’s not even an MP3 to leech at the end of it. So if you can be bothered to read about Hot Sauce’s adventures in a field read on, you have been warned…

So, feeling slightly grimey and shop soiled Hot Sauce has just returned from a few days in the countryside at Standon Calling 2007, probably my favourite festival in the country and almost certainly the poshest. Held in the suitable grand sounding Standon Lordship, the festival has grown over the years into one of the best weekends you’ll have all Summer, with a select but high quality lineup and a misfit vibe a bit like a mini-home counties Bestival.

Having had a grand old time last year when the band I was managing (Bussetti) were playing on the main stage, we were delighted to get invited along to spin some sounds and roped in our Hot Sauce DJ partner Tony Poland to lend a hand in case it all went a little messy (last year almost ended very badly after a bleery eyed urination/electric fence incident). Arriving on the Friday we were just in time to catch the truly wonderful They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, who seem to be turning more and more into some kind of deranged psychedelic sex cult expect great things from them in the near future, just keep Horton away from the Kool Aid and it should all work out fine.

With our tents finally up (Tony may be handy when you need to navigate the dirty streets of Shoreditch but I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the wilds with him) we made our way into the Festival proper and got our bearings, easy really when there’s only a couple of stages, but that’s how festivals should be. Really, who wants or needs 30 stages, tents, and tens of thousands of people you just end up wandering around aimlessly missing anything good. Like Piney Gir who we stumbled into the tent to find playing some stomping country folk with her band, I’ve seen the name around before but never actually checked her out and on the basis of the 30 minute show we saw this is something I’m going to have to rectify immediately.

Headlining the main Stage on the Friday were The Rumblestrips, a band who I for some reason have an 8″ record by and have never actually listened to. I was expecting the worse having listened to various people over the last 12 months moan about them but in the flesh they were actually ok, hints of Dexys’ and Squeeze which is always welcome. I can’t say I’m going to rush out and buy their album or went away a fan but I can tell you now they are probably one duet with Amy Winehouse on Jools Holland away from going Radio 2 massive.

Anyway attention now turned towards New Young Pony Club who had a stage to themselves hidden away up by the swimming pool (yes… I said it was a posh festival). I’d been a little bit underwhelmed at their Koko show a couple of months ago feeling they were lacking enough material for a big headlining show, but with a shorter punchier set though they were back to the incendiary best. Having come straight from Global Gathering (an event they hadn’t seemed particularly enamoured with) they took out their frustrations by banging through their set with plenty of much needed aggression, it’s just a shame you’ll rarely get to see them this up close and personal for probably some time to come.

The next day was mostly spent trying not to get too demolished before we had to play at 2 in the morning, only a partial success. Luckily there was plenty to keep us distracted, former Hot Sauce guest and probably one of the nicest people in the music industry Sportsday Megaphone managed to get an empty tent packed and dancing by the end of his set. Unveiling a couple of new songs SM remains in my oppinion one of the brightest talents to have broken through this year and judging by the queues of people buying copies of his new 7″ off him at the end of the gig we’re not alone in thinking this.

Over on the main stage, straight outta St. Albans, Friendly Fires were being their ace selves, strange to think I put them on and just about engineered their sound over a year ago in a tiny little basement and now they’re on the verge of grand things, too grand for us anyway. Still with some razor sharp disco punk pop and a frontman that could pass for a new rave Mick Jagger they were probably always destined for bigger things, once their album drops expect them to go nova. The kids were out in force for their set and thanks to a majority of the crowd being in fancy dress the weirdness quoa was cranked up nicely.

Headlining the night were the Noisettes, who seem to get better each time I see them (which is now twice, so admittedly not the most scientific of polls…), anyway they make a hell of a lot of noise, have a sexy as hell frontwoman and a drummer that resembles Animal from The Muppets, which is always a good thing. A storming set of punchy high octane rock was only held up when a medical emergency forced the band to loaf around (or in the drummers case kick over his drums and stomp off) but they were soon back and kicking up a right old storm. Again by any rights they should be huge in the next 12 months.

With the light drizzle slowly turning to a steady downpour we dragged our record boxes across the field to the open air cowshed where we’d been relocated. The dancefloor resembles a lake and the decks were in danger of electrocuting us, but Hot Sauce are made of stronger things than your average DJs and we soon had the place going for it and the pleasure of a cadre of militant transvestites dancing on the decks. Even a powercut did nothing to dampen the spirits of those who were dancing in several inches of muddy water and after two hours of banging fidget house, baltimore club and over driven electro we finally handed over to a man in a kilt and made our soggy way back to our tents.

Sunday arrived bathed in glorious sunshine and we settled in to check out Palladium, an hour of my life I’ll never get back, with the thought of the drive home ahead and everyone else starting to get stuck into the beers I figured it was time to call it quits on another excellent weekend and start the countdown to next year’s party.

Special thanks to Alex and Ildiko for booking us.

More crap photos here.


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