Mixed Up In The Vague
August 28, 2007, 12:10 am
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So the bank holiday weekend is pretty much over and I could do with a couple of days off to recover, Be at Proud on Saturday was great fun, a lovely crowd who seemed happy to leap around despite it being so hot simply queuing at the bar left you drenched in sweat. Sadly the good vibes were brought swiftly to an end by the over enthusiastic cab driver shutting the boot door on my back as I was putting my records away. I laughed it off then but by the time I woke up I felt like I’d taken a sound beating from some hoodied yoofs.

So, hobbling around the flat instead of going out meant I had time to fix my PC and find a mix I’d done last month and forgotten about. No real theme to it, I think it was a grab a selection off the shelf and see what happened kind of thing, though looking at the tracklist I must have imposed a ban on any records with either the ‘tamborzão’ beat or the ‘Think’ break for a bit of a change.

Anyway, it bore a repeated listen so I thought I’d put it up, nothing fancy just a 2 deck mix done live in one take, but the tracks are all pretty decent. I really need to invest in some software for this kind of thing, save me lugging around all those bloody records and getting assaulted by cabbies for a start.

Download: DJ John Power – Hot Mix 2


  1. Yuksek – Little Dirty Trip [Vicarious Bliss mix] (Relish)
  2. Dave Gilmour Girls – Crimson as Murder [Punks Jump Up mix] (Relish)
  3. Hiltmeyer Inc – Pornhaus (Gomma)
  4. Kango’s Stein Massiv – Tobakk (Trailerpark)
  5. Liquid Liquid – Flextone [JD Twitch Optimo edit] (Rush Hour)
  6. Black Leotard Front – Casual Friday (DFA)
  7. Big Two Hundred – Approach and Pass With Contact [Psychonauts mix] (DC)
  8. Cut Copy – Future [Chromeo mix] (Kitsune)
  9. Elecktroids – Kilohertz (Warp)
  10. ???? – Forgotten what this is, sure it’s Francisc0 or Marco Passarani.
  11. Dance Connection – Disco Train [Morgan Geist mix] (Unclassics)
  12. The Beat Club – Security (Atlantic)

August 24, 2007, 5:55 pm
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Here at Hot Sauce we love badges, they’re great, we’re also pretty keen on Mexican Wrestling and like to spend our evenings relaxing at home or down the local in one of our several Lucha masks. Of course some people consider the wearing of tight black rubber masks to be a little unsettling, our bank manager for instance, so combining our two loves Stem Design created these wonderful Hot Sauce pin badges that can be worn at all times even whilst entertaining the local parish priest.

If you want to get your filthy mitts on them head over to 50p Badges now where you can snaffle them up.

For Best Results View Under Neon Light
August 24, 2007, 1:21 pm
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oh yes… here’s a sneak preview of the design for our new night, Strobe, at Scala in King’s Cross (as ever courtesy of the wonderful Stem Design). Trust me this is going to be a big one, we’ll be announcing the full lineup in a couple of days it’s just a matter of fitting all the names on to the flyer.

Anyway it’s a bank holiday weekend which is nice and unexpected, having been out the country for a bit it had completely skipped my mind, as ever there is loads to do and my top tip is this Saturday’s Be party at the Proud Galleries in Camden, where the likes of ddd, Twisted Charm and Trash Fashion will be playing live and I shall bejoining resident David H on the decks.

Despite only opening this year and being a raging success the area’s been sold for redevelopment so this is the openultimate Saturday night party there, hopefully this should inspire some suitably fin de siècle madness. See you there.

A Fuzzy Logical Progession
August 2, 2007, 1:23 pm
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Everyone’s favourite Welsh psychonauts Super Furry Animals are back with a new album ‘Hey Venus’ and some of the most eye catching artwork I’ve seen for a while. I keep flipping between utter disgust and then really liking it, anyway what really matters is what’s between it’s garish psychedelic sleeve and if you’re a fan of the band that just don’t give a fuck then you should have nothing to complain about, though shorter and sharper than the last couple of albums, ‘Hey Venus’ is still a beautiful mess of psychedelic riffs, tropicalia-esque melodies and inspired prog nonsense, they’ve just managed to keep it tight enough to fit on one side of a c90.

If you want a taste of what’s to come, we have a couple of tracks to sample.


Super Furry Animals – ‘Battersey Odyssey’
Super Furry Animals – ‘Into The Night’
Super Furry Animals – ‘Run Away’

‘Hey Venus’ is released on Rough Trade on the 28th of August
‘Show Your Hand’ the single is available as a download, CD and 7″ picture disc on the 13th of August.

Oi New York, This Is Standon
August 2, 2007, 9:54 am
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Basically what originally was going to be a couple of paragraphs about the weekend we’d just had turned in my sleep deprived state into an epic ramble that is probably of absolutely no interest to anyone, hell there’s not even an MP3 to leech at the end of it. So if you can be bothered to read about Hot Sauce’s adventures in a field read on, you have been warned…

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Mo Acne, Mo Problems
August 1, 2007, 1:24 pm
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As a teaser for the forthcoming album ‘Romance Ain’t Dead’ (out 17th Sept) his label have put up a track to download here. You have to jump through some hoops to get it but we reckon it’s worth it.

You can catch young Accers playing live next Thursday (9th August) at the Barfly in Camden alongside MC Devvo and the amazing Methodist Centre.