Hot Chip / Grovesnor – Live at Somerset House
July 23, 2007, 8:14 pm
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So last Saturday we braved the elements and trooped up to Somerset House to see Hot Chip do their thing, being a self confessed HC fanboy it would of taken more than a spot of rain to put me off but still it wasn’t looking promising.

Luckily by the time we arrived and had had our umbrella (ella-ella) confiscated the skies had cleared and even if it wasn’t exactly balmy at least we weren’t shivering and soaked. Which all set the scene for the ever wonderful Grovesnor. I’d been a little concerned at whether the stage and surroundings would dwarf Rob’s one man show, but from the moment he strode onto the stage all worries evaporated not only was the OG looking quite dapper in the whitest of blazers but he’s gone to the bother of making videos for each song. Videos which we demand find their way onto YouTube in the near future.

There really is no faulting Grovesnor’s own particular brand of smooth electro-soul and the crowd seemed to accept his yacht rock stylings with open arms, recent single Nitemoves in particular getting a rousing cheer. If you’ve yet to take in the Grovesnor experience, head over to Hi-Beat Records website where you can pick up the new 7″ and last year’s self released album, they’re both stone cold pop classics and worthy of any collection.

With Grovesnor gone we had to sit through some mood killing adverts for Vodafone, with the likes of Razorlight desperately selling whatever tiny credibility they ever had in return for a few more corporate shekels. Thankfully this abysmal parade was soon gone and with the stage slowly filling with dry ice the band appeared.

I’ve never begrudged a band success and always found people getting sniffy about bands they’ve previously liked finally making enough money to actually survive, still I have on occassion been bemused by a band’s popularity and this has certainly been the case with Hot Chip. Not because they don’t deserve their success, as I’ve mentioned they’ve been one of my favourite bands for several years now, but more because they tick so many of my personal boxes that I sometimes feel like they’ve been created solely for my own personal enjoyment.

Few bands would try, let alone succed in throwing together a touch of twisted electronica, a splash of uk garage, a whole heap of smooth electro soul, a dash of post punk awkwardness and then wrap it all up in a package that looks like a They Might Be Giants cover band. Sounds great to me but then most the bands I have raging hardons for langour in penniless obscurity most their natural lives.

Anyway, whether or not they’re in fact some grand hallucination of mine they were in fine form tonight, toughening up their sound a notch to easily fill the courtyard with the fuzzy blasts of their synthesizers. Either my ears were clogged than usual or they kicked off with a few new songs which was a brave if worthwhile decision and showed that the next album cannot come soon enough especially if they can keep up to the standard of the Kylie rejected ‘Ready For The Floor’.

After the shock of the new we were back in more familiar territory, all the big tunes off the last album were reeled out to rapturous approval, ‘Over and Over’, ‘The Warning’ and ‘Boy From School’ being obvious highlights, recent single and one of this year’s recorded highlights ‘My Piano’ went down a storm too and ‘No Fit State’ duly took it’s place as a classic end of night tune.

A few more tracks off ‘Coming On Strong’ would have been appreciated but you can’t have everything and with the rain only making a brief appearance we left more than happy. The party carried on at the Shunt Vaults with the full GrecoRoman crew in attendence but our creaking bones could take no more and so apart from a brief stop on the South Bank to check out some absolute banging Turkish group playing on the terrace it was back home to darkest Deptford.

There some photos I took from the night up on our Flickr page, you might want to check them out, you might not.

If like us you bowed out early GrecoRoman are back again on Wednesday down at Madame JoJo’s in Soho, details here.

Download: Grovesnor – The One


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