Pepé Deluxe: Back To The Future
May 9, 2007, 11:50 am
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Brighton’s finest, Catskills Records, were good enough to send me a copy of the new album from Finland’s Pepé Deluxe at the weekend and it has been on heavy rotation since.

We may be barely half way through the year but I can’t see too much coming along that will knock it out of my 2007 Top 5 come December. A psychedelic garage rock opus, ‘Spare Time Machine‘ takes anything you thought you knew about the band (probably most famous for their Levis Ad soundtracking ‘Before You Leave’) and rips it up.

If you wern’t aware of who or what it was the album could easily pass for some forgotten late sixties classic finally unearthed after 40 years of gathering magic dust. Not that it’s just a simple pastiche of Nuggets-esque rock though, there’s plenty of weird and wonderful ideas here to bite the unweary listener on the ass from the scuzzy straight up riffing of ‘Pussy Cat Rock‘ to the cosmic funk of ‘Forgotten Knights‘ and the space opera meets psyche-folk of ‘Apple Thief‘.

It’s very rare I can bare to sit through a whole new album these days, my video game addled brain tends to wander, yet ‘Spare Time Machine‘ had me listening intently from start to finish and then going straight back for a second listen.

Completing the package is the phenomenal artwork, put together by the band’s Jari Salo it’s a reason in itself to buy the album and I’m looking forward to seeing it in glorious 12″ dimensions. All in all a classy piece of work.

I was going to ask Catskills if I could stick a track up for download but to be honest you really need to listen to this record as a whole, preferably whilst collapsed in a giant bean bag surrounded by lava lamps.

Saying that the label have already released two promo videos of ‘Pussy Cat Rock‘ and ‘Mischief of Cloud 6‘ and i’ve linked to them instead. Plus if you head over to the band’s website most of the album is available for sampling there anyway.

Pussy Cat Rock video directed by Miikka Lommi.

Mischief Of Cloud 6 video directed by Miikka Lommi.

The album is released on June 18th on vinyl, CD and MP3.

There are remixes in the bag from Viva Voce, Lost Idol and Optimo (yay!), which is all rather good though we can’t but wish they’d let the Emperor Machine get to grips with some of these tracks.

Live dates will be announced soon


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