Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
April 18, 2007, 11:29 am
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I’ve been hanging onto this mix for some time now and with plenty of good reasons, given away free with DJ Magazine way, way back in the early/mid nineties it’s always been one of my favourite mixes to stick on when driving around London at night in my pimped out Micra. 12 tracks of solid, deep Detroit techno carefully selected and mixed by Dave Clarke that despite being close to 20 years old in many cases still sound like the future.

The mix was given away to coincide with an article on Network Records, the British company that licensed and released most of the the early techno records that were coming out of the Motor City and whilst the likes of Transmat, Metroplex and KMS are rightly given their due, it’s worth noting the huge contribution made by Network Records and it’s A&R man Neil Rushton.

A man who’d always had a healthy obsession with the music coming out of Detroit, Rushton had spent the 70’s promoting Northern Soul all-dayers and went on to work as a staff writer at Black Echoes. His connections to the city meant he was amongst the first people on this side of the Atlantic to hear the new music coming out of Detroit and in 1987 he travelled there to assemble the seminal compilation ‘Techno: The New Dance Sound Of Detroit‘ that introduced the sound to the UK.

Network Records and it’s associated labels like Kool Kat went on to provide a home for the scene’s leading lights such as Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins and for that we should be forever grateful. They didn’t just provide a British base for American producers though and Rushton also went on to nurture the careers of many of the first British Techno and rave producers with the likes of Altern-8 (and their more traditional techno alias Nexus 21) and Forgemasters all releasing records in Network’s distinctive orange sleeves.

Network went on to concentrate on more soulful house and garage cuts on their Six6 subsidiary but for the all too brief period they were pumping out serious underground electronic music they could easily hold their own against labels such as Warp. At some point I’d like to devote a bit more time and space to the varied and long career of Neil Rushton but till then download this mix and enjoy.

Download: Dave Clarke Network Detroit Mix

1. Fade 2 Black – In Sync (Network)
2. Mayday – Sinister (Kool Kat)
3. R-Tyme – Illusion (Kool Kat)
4. Saunderson – The Groove (Kool Kat)
5. Saunderson – Forcefield (Kool Kat)
6. Saunderson – How To Play Our (Kool Kat)
7. Fade 2 Black – Insistent Rhythm (Network)
8. Nexus 21 – Real Love (Network)
9. Saunderson – The Sound (Kool Kat)
10. Model 500 – Ocean To Ocean (Kool Kat)
11. Infiniti – Game One (KMS)
12. Reese Project – The Rains (Network)


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Nice! This is really good.

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