The Duloks: Unicorns of Pop
April 13, 2007, 2:00 pm
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I like to think when it comes to music I know my shit. 17+ years spending all my disposable income on records, books about records and gigs might not have got me a decent job but I like to think I can hold my own around a jukebox. Still there are a few people I bow to when it comes to finding obscure yet brilliant new bands and one of these is my old flatmate Ben.

Back when we used to live above the off license, on those carefree evenings when the wine was flowing up the stairs freely, we’d battle for alpha male staus by attempting to out do each other with random record selections (yes I know it’s hardly Ultimate Fighting) and try as I might the bastard would always manage to best me with some oddball pop seven inch.

As a result I tend take his occassional pop pronouncements seriously and when he directed me towards The Duloks earlier this year I got right on it. And once again the boy done good as The Duloks have swiftly earned themselves my coveted ‘BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE at this exact moment’ award. Gloriously lo-fi pop from 3 girls dressed in retro sprtswear that manages to reference the red wizard from Gautlet was always going to be a no-brainer really, but The Duloks brush off mere novelty status by just being so bloody good.

Without a doubt this is the band that should be representing us at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Not only would they win by a landslide but there’s a fair bet world peace would spontaneously break out as well.

Anyway I’ve been trying and failing to book them to play Hot Sauce for the past few months as their live shows are incredible but till I succeed you can catch them playing in Glasgow on April 27th and London at Buttoned Down Disco on June 8th (which night I’ve just realised I have a clubnight on myself, bugger) and their debut 7″ single the wonderful ‘(I’m gonna follow) Your Star Trail’ is out very soon on Art Goes Pop.

Watch the rough cut of the video on YouTube and check the bit near the end where it feels like Mira’s vocals are about to fall apart but instead soar and rip your hearts to shreds, bonafide indie-pop gold.

‘(I’m gonna follow) Your Star Trail’ video on YouTube


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Yeah ben bested me with a 808State Vs UB40 7″ once.
Would you like a BAG?

Comment by tomp

Much as I admire their energy, that that tune on Youtube is incredibly bad. The music, the lyrics, the dire singing. Everything about it screams ‘talentless sixth-formers who decided to form a band so their mates woul think they are cool’

And all three of them look like boys, so if you fancy them you are a gay.

Comment by Wibble

haha fair enough, horses for courses. I thought they would divide opinnion.

personally i reckon it’s great simple pop, they’re having fun and i think it’s infectious. Plus it speaks to the determined amateur in me.

tomp what on earth’s a BAG? i’m out of the loop on that one… i’ll take one though just in case.

Comment by h0tsauce

like duh, that was the catchphrase of Mr off licence man, YOUR NEIGHBOUR, for like 5 years or something

Comment by tomp

ahhhhh god it all floods back to me now…

yes, lovely fellow, never minded the fact we’d come down to get more wine in just our socks and pants.

Comment by h0tsauce

Hmm, well written but after a few listens i must say i don’t care for them at all. They do seem like a high school band for popularity to me as well i must say. Just my opinion though, thanks for reporting on new bands 🙂

Comment by d®ew™

not a proble, what a dull world it would be if we all had the same taste, anyway thanks for leaving a comment and please check back.

I’m luckily in a position where I get to hear a lot of new bands and I’m sure some of them will be more your thing.

Comment by h0tsauce

Sure will and thanks again.

Comment by d®ew™


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Comment by tovorinok

CutNA4 comment2 ,

Comment by Sdljceif

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